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Know How The Art of Bali Tivaevae / Tifaifai / Embroidery

Know more how the embroidered linen are born and get into high quality products. Starting from drawing the details of the pattern to be applique into the linen. Continuing with combine two different colour fabric get the applique. Cut it in to get the applique pattern out then it's ready to be embroidery by our talented and skillful seamstresses.

All of our seamstresses are works from their home while they can care children / family to help raising the income for the family and of course with consistently and precisely keeping the highy quality of their works. While designing of the pattern, fabric cutting and quality control it's done in our workshop. Some of our workers are disability people, single parents & motivated youth.

By buying of our embroideried products you will give a chance and helping :

  1. Mum of the children to raise and helping the family in caring of their children for supporting their educcation.
  2. Supporting single parents for continuing of their family life and childrens.
  3. Helping the disability people to gain proper income to support of her life.

Do not be in doubt about the quality of work they produce that which already meet the quality standards we've set. We are very pleased and concerned to help the housewife in the village for the betterment of the family and producing a unique products.

We only produce very limited quantities of quilts, bed covers and cushions to protect the originality, quality and the uniqueness of these products.

Enjoy numerous colour combinations and designs that we have developed for you to decorate your home and as a gifts o your loved ones. We are also happy to receive your design motifs with a minimum order quantity applied to match with the production and quality you require.

Material Fabric that we use :

01. 300 thread counts Cotton / Polyester percale with more than 40 colours available
02. Combination Cotton polyester with 100 % cotton ( katun Jepang )
03. Micro fiber ( suede )
04. Canvas WR
05. American original sunbrella canvas

Note : For fabric colour available and colour combination request please contact us in details when ordering.

Workshop : Br. Ngis Kelod 48, Jegu - Penebel - Tabanan 82152 Bali - Indonesia.
Tel.+62 85104889996|+62 8170671788
e-mail : |

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